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This is the OneSky site to collaborate in translating Trucky Smartphone app in your language, and, before all, i'm really thankful if you'll want to spend some time doing this.

If you need some assistance, please join Trucky Discord Server here https://discord.gg/dUBhq7z6UN


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#300009 Trucky app / Overlay
4,531 Last update: Dec 05, 20:00
#367189 Google Play
378 Last update: 4 months ago

Discord TruckyBot

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#338529 Trucky Bot
1,292 Last update: Nov 01, 18:49

Trucky Events

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#364282 Trucky Events site
2,224 Last update: Oct 10, 10:37


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#383472 Knowledge Base
780 Last update: Oct 14, 12:11

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